Welcome to Gourmet Baklava

Have you ever craved for the best in turkish deserts, particularly desserts of the most tempting kind, nearer home? You will be floored, bowled over and spoil for choice once you enter the elegantly decorated and lavishly pleasant environs of Gourmet Baklava.

True to the Turkish culture, it opened its first outlet in Telangana and second in India at Banjara Hills Road No 3 on June 9, with grandeur that is symbolic of the Middle East flavour. It offers a spectacular variety of the most enrapturing luxurious Premium Turkish Desserts under one roof.

To the gourmet, it is paradise right at the doorstep because it has been established by Imtiaz Ali Siddiqui, a food connoisseur of proven expertise in the business. ‘There will be no compromise on quality, genuineness and health aspects, whatsoever.

“You see, Baklava finds mention even in eighth century writings. The Assyrians are believed to have blended nuts and honey while baking thin layers of dough. Its legend has grown in popularity across the seven seas over the centuries. I have noticed that Hyderabadi relish the delectable Turkish cuisine. Many, I have been told, urge their kin and well wishers to get loads of Baklava variants when they are returning from Middle East. Gourmet Baklava has been conceived to address this need so that the customers can have their choicest dishes and sweets in the city on the very day itself,’ explains the man behind the outlet.

According to the celebrated Chef Jordan native, MJ Al Safeen, Baklava variants are made differently and contain ingredients that are found in abundance in the Mediterranean and the Middle East like walnuts, pistachios, pine nuts, almonds, or other specific nuts.

Of course, Imtiaz Ali Siddiqui is a familiar figure in the food and social circles, particularly to all those who prefer Lebanese dishes.

For one who swears by one hundred percent authenticity, Imtiaz Ali Siddiqui has brought in machinery all the way from Turkey, Lebanon and Jordan. He has tied up with leading sweet manufacturer from Lebanon, those whose families have been satiating millions of sweet-toothed customers across the globe for close to 110 years. The ingredients are procured from their respective regions of origin.

MJ Al Safeen points out that Gourmet Baklava is offering sweet dishes of a mind boggling variety.

Some of the mouth-watering dishes include Kadaifi: Pistachio, Almond Baklava, Cashew Baklava, Traditional Baklava, Walnuts Burma, Barazk, Garaiba, Chocolate Sare, Marble (Ballourieh), Mamool, Kunafa Bel Jebna,Warbat Bel Istha, Kunafa Nebulsiya wal Jibna, Harisa Belloza, Warbat Turkiya, Turkish Tea, Turkish Coffee, and much more.